Southern Plains N Scale Convention Registration

You can register online  by clicking here and sending your name and address in the email.

If a registratin fee is required us use th form below and click  and it will be added to your PayPal Shopping Cart .If you do not already have a PayPal account, it will help you set one up or allow you to pay by credit card. This will include specifying a shipping address.  If you plan to bring a module, be sure to send email to  To return to the convention web page, click here.


Registration Fee  $10 per person (If you are not bring a module and are not a member of a club that brings modules)



If you are bringing a module but are registering after November 1st:  $5 OKC Train Show badge fee

Thursday evening swap-a-rama table   (please excuse the fee, that's the ordering system)

Saturday Banquet

To request to bring a modules, please send email to


 To return to the convention web page, click here.


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