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  • Sunday, January 17, 2021 9:37 PM
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    Bruce Alcock (Administrator)

    Hi Folks:

    For years we have recommended and set the UR92 duplex transceivers to channel 26, as it represents the channel least likely to receive interference from Wi-Fi devices. We need to change to channel 25 for future shows.

    I sure you have seen the Digitrax announcements for the DT602 throttle and the UR93 transceiver, including the fact that they are more powerful than the DT400/500 throttles and UR92.

    My DCS52 here at home and the club’s DCS51 (which I also have here) have their UR92s set for channel 26

    I purchased a DT602D throttle. I had no problem doing the firmware upgrades, and it worked perfectly when plugged in to LocoNet. However, when I unplugged to work tetherless nothing worked. The display showed the correct group name but showed channel 15, all in red.

    After messing around with throttle parameters using both DCS and not able to get it to work (don’t ask me how long I tried this), I wrote to Digitrax Tech Support. I got an almost immediate response.

    The more powerful transceiver boards used in the throttle and UR93 exceed the FCC allowable power level for channel 26, so Digitrax has removed channel 26 as an option for both the DT602D and the UR93. The remaining channels from 11 to 25 are still good.

    As soon as I changed the UR92s here at home to channel 25, everything worked tetherless as it should.

    So, at future events we need to use 25 instead of 26.



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